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The Perfect App to Manage Online Reading – Pocket

The internet can be a blessing and a curse for productivity. Having the answer to any question, as well as the latest developments in every endeavor known to man, is a boon the likes of which previous generations could only dream about. However, that wealth of information can send you off on tangents that will absolutely destroy workflow. I need to read a lot in my line of work and while researching, I always find … [Read More...]



It Appears There Aren’t Enough New Cars in Berryville

The residents of Berryville are not buying new cars and it's having a negative impact on the tax base for the town. Now there's an economic indicator if there ever was one. On Wednesday the town council met to discuss their proposed budget for 2015 and there is a … [Read More...]



Heartbleed Forces Mental Reset

Heartbleed has us living on a bubble.  Our internet comfort zone has been compromised and now is the time to get your passwords in order before the bubble bursts. The new vulnerability attacks the most sensitive data that users entrust to the internet by exploiting … [Read More...]

Flotsam and Jetsam


Scientists Use Off-the-shelf Equipment to Digitize Insects in 3-D

Scientists studying insects rely on collected specimens that are often shared between scientists through written descriptions, diagrams, and images. These 2D tools are important in understanding and sharing specimens, but they often lack the precise … [Read More...]

In the Garden


Implements of Destruction

In the 23 minute satirical song "Alice's Restaurant,"  Arlo Guthrie makes mention of having to clean up a pile of trash with "implements of destruction."  It was a term I became instantly fond of because the line between productive work and wanton destruction can be … [Read More...]



Animal Farm – Pick It Up Again

Arriving home late one evening I sat at the kitchen table eating a warmed up plate of food when I spied a little paperback perched on a pile of papers. I flipped it over to see, Animal Farm by George Orwell. It seems my teenage daughter was supposed to have read the … [Read More...]


footprints in sand

Come Apart or Come Apart

Recollection is a wonderful word. It speaks of a state of integration when the bits and pieces of our fragmented beings are "re-collected" and there is a sense of greater wholeness or oneness with God. All of ordinary life seems calculated to scatter us — the dirty … [Read More...]

What’s Cooking


Sweet Potato Casserole

This recipe began like several others with the generosity of someone who provided me with an interesting ingredient. A huge box of sweet potatoes at my friend's house scored me a bag full of these beauties to take home. Sweet potatoes are not a staple in our house so … [Read More...]