Following On Home

On February 1st of this year I lost a dear friend named Alma Newitt. She touched more lives than I can count and there are many of us who have missed her terribly, but none more than her husband Bill. Alma and Bill were inseparable and the house that they lived in was a refuge of peace for many weary people who needed a friendly smile, a cup of tea and often, a prayer. On September 3rd 2014 we lost Bill. He was … [Read More...]


Homemade Stink Bug Traps Found to be Superior to Commercial Counterparts

A Virginia Tech team of researchers has proven that homemade, inexpensive stink bug traps crafted from simple household items outshine pricier models designed to kill the invasive, annoying bugs. This discovery comes just as warm weather is coaxing the critters out of … [Read More...]


StockXchng Quietly Rebranded to FreeImages

The groan heard around the internet when large companies acquire smaller companies comes from collective experience. Typically, the larger company buys the smaller to remove it from the playing field and incorporate their technology and audience into the parent … [Read More...]

Flotsam and Jetsam

The Gospel of Fossils May Require a Rewrite

Methods have been developed to try to identify and correct for bias in the fossil record but new research from the Universities of Bristol and Bath, suggests many of these correction methods may actually be misleading. The study, led by Dr Alex … [Read More...]

In the Garden

Plucking Up – Thinning With a Hint of Melancholy

The chore of thinning plants is always laced with a hint of melancholy. As the weather warms and plants emerge from the ground,  the visual affirmation that winter has released its grip provides a refreshing dose of optimism. But just like most human endeavors gardening … [Read More...]


Spinning The Lathe of Heaven

Recreational reading has become very hard to fit into a busy schedule so, when I pick something for pleasure I usually need a connection to something that's proven interesting in order to ensure it’s not a complete waste of my time. Such was the case with The Lathe Of … [Read More...]


Come Apart or Come Apart

Recollection is a wonderful word. It speaks of a state of integration when the bits and pieces of our fragmented beings are "re-collected" and there is a sense of greater wholeness or oneness with God. All of ordinary life seems calculated to scatter us — the dirty … [Read More...]

What’s Cooking

Tuscan Potato Salad – A Standout For Summer Picnics

I am a huge fan of good potato salads. It's a tried and true side dish that makes a great addition to any picnic and it provides an interesting canvas for the adventurous cook who dares to move beyond the ordinary. So, when I saw this curious recipe for a potato salad … [Read More...]