Shadows of the Distant Past

Signs of life linger on the land. Like shadows that grow long as the day slips into night, the stories of past generations spread across the landscape waiting for the blazing light of curiosity to coax them from the darkness. Perched on the slope of Mount Weather, an ancient timepiece sits quietly marking the passage of the sun. The stone day clock, built from boulders weighing thousands of pounds, overlooks what … [Read More...]


John Aigner, an entomology graduate student in the Virginia Tech College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, demonstrates how to build a cheap, effective stink bug trap at home.
Credit: Virginia Tech College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Homemade Stink Bug Traps Found to be Superior to Commercial Counterparts

A Virginia Tech team of researchers has proven that homemade, inexpensive stink bug traps crafted from simple household items outshine pricier models designed to kill the invasive, annoying bugs. This discovery comes just as warm weather is coaxing the critters out of … [Read More...]


Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 11.32.09 AM

StockXchng Quietly Rebranded to FreeImages

The groan heard around the internet when large companies acquire smaller companies comes from collective experience. Typically, the larger company buys the smaller to remove it from the playing field and incorporate their technology and audience into the parent … [Read More...]

Flotsam and Jetsam

Researchers placed a printed pinhole array mask on top of an iPod touch as part of their prototype display. Shown above are top-down and side-view images of the setup. Credit: Photo courtesy of Fu-Chung Huang

Vision-correcting Display May Make Reading Glasses Obsolete

The researchers are developing computer algorithms to compensate for an individual's visual impairment, and creating vision-correcting displays that enable users to see text and images clearly without wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses. The … [Read More...]

In the Garden


Plucking Up – Thinning With a Hint of Melancholy

The chore of thinning plants is always laced with a hint of melancholy. As the weather warms and plants emerge from the ground,  the visual affirmation that winter has released its grip provides a refreshing dose of optimism. But just like most human endeavors gardening … [Read More...]



Animal Farm – Pick It Up Again

Arriving home late one evening I sat at the kitchen table eating a warmed up plate of food when I spied a little paperback perched on a pile of papers. I flipped it over to see, Animal Farm by George Orwell. It seems my teenage daughter was supposed to have read the … [Read More...]


footprints in sand

Come Apart or Come Apart

Recollection is a wonderful word. It speaks of a state of integration when the bits and pieces of our fragmented beings are "re-collected" and there is a sense of greater wholeness or oneness with God. All of ordinary life seems calculated to scatter us — the dirty … [Read More...]

What’s Cooking


Shanghai Bok Choy with Ginger

I love bok choy. It's a great Asian green that is easy to grow, packed with nutrients and makes a terrific component for a main dish or a side. On the gardening side of the equation I have found the key to growing this prolific vegetable is sequencing. Planting several … [Read More...]